What’s a Fake Geek Boy?

There is no such thing as a fake geek boy. There’s no such thing as a fake geek girl or a fake geek nonbinary person, for that matter, though the “fake geek” appellation seems to get flung more or less exclusively at women by immature and insecure men. “Geek” is not like “Doctor” or “Professor” or “Reverend” or “Captain” – there are no prerequisites to being a geek, and as such there’s no way to be a fake one and no special authority to be gained from being one.

Who’s the Fake Geek Boy the Blog Title Refers To?

He’s Arthur B., formerly a contributor and, later, editor of the Ferretbrain website. Now he’s putting his stuff here.

In What Way Is He A Fake Geek Boy?

He’s (as of 2018) in his mid-30s. That’s not a boy, that’s a grown-ass man.

What’s All This About His Thoughts and Fancies?

That’s a high-faluting way of saying that this is where Arthur blogs about books, films, TV, videogames, music – pretty much any sort of mass media thingummy.

Some Of the Older Articles On Here Look Familiar…

This blog was created on the 24th October 2018 and supplanted Arthur’s Ferretbrain activity entirely from the 1st November 2018 onwards – however, the author is also using it as an archive of (most of) his Ferretbrain material. Such articles are clearly marked as such at the top and have been backdated to their original Ferretbrain publication date, so that they don’t drown out newer articles during the process of filling out the archive.

What Was Ferretbrain?

A webzine that the Fake Geek Boy was an enthusiastic contributor to back when he was significantly more boyish, and then became the editor of when the original founder and editor moved on. For the time being you can check it out for yourself still – it’s in a holding pattern until the end of April 2019, at which point I should remember to update this page.

Does the Fake Geek Boy Have Other Blogs?

As a matter of fact, he does. Specifically, there’s Refereeing & Reflection, his blog about tabletop RPGs, wargames, gamebooks, LARP, and other subjects under the general umbrella of “hobby games”.

What’s the Deal With That Header Image?

It’s a detail from the cover of Mansun’s Six. You can see the full cover here.