Cool Kids On Thin Ice

It’s the exciting future year of 1999, and the big difference since The Chill Factor‘s release year of 1989 is… absolutely nothing, everyone dresses and does their hair like it is still very much the 1980s. But apparently snowmobiles are very much in fashion among cool college couples, and we join a delightfully square trio of such on a cross-country snowmobile trip somewhere generically cold and American.

After lunch at a rough little roadhouse along the way, two of the dudes, Tom (Aaron Kjenaas) and Chris (David Fields) start feeling competitive and decide to have a race on their snowmobiles to see who is the fastest. The roadhouse’s bartender points them in the direction of Blackfriar Lake, a dry lakebed nearby which would provide the flat surface they need to have a competitive race. Unfortunately, having drink several rounds of beer prior to the race, the fun ends in tragedy when Tom is thrown off his snowmobile and ends up bashing his head extremely hard against a tree.

It’s a good thing that there’s a big ol’ cabin in the woods nearby – the boarded-up main building of a Catholic summer camp, more precisely – where they can take Tom so that Chris (a medical student on the cusp of becoming a properly-qualified doctor) can assess the situation properly and so that Tom won’t just die immediately of the cold as the weather worsens. It becomes apparent that Tom’s going to need hospital attention, and so it comes down to Ron (Jim Cagle), the studly football star of the group, to go out into the storm on his snowmobile to find help whilst Chris and the women work on keeping Tom warm and comfortable and wait out the situation. How will Chris, Lissa (Eve Montgomery), Jeannie (Dawn Laurie) and Karen (Connie Snyder) pass the time? Oh, wait, looks like someone left behind a ouija board…

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