Chewing Over the Plot Twists

Chris (Tom Meeten) is a crack homicide detective called down to London to investigate a baffling case: a double shooting in which forensic ballistic analysis discovers that the victims kept walking towards the shooter after being shot multiple times. On a hunch Chris suggests looking into Michael Coulson (Rufus Jones) the property agent who manages the rented house the crime took place at; he and fellow investigator Jim (Dan Renton Skinner) discover several things that pique their interest. First up is the fact that Coulson, though he’s never been arrested for anything, has a record of showing up at crime scenes – perhaps he’s just a ghoulish sort who likes to gawk at such things, or maybe, just maybe, he got tired of waiting for a crime scene to happen and decided to make one happen. Second is the fact that Coulson is visiting a therapist, Helen Fisher (Niamh Cusack), whose session notes may well help them ascertain whether the “creepy interest gone too far” angle is at all plausible.

Of course, patient confidentiality being what it is, they can’t just demand Fisher’s records – so with the help of forensic psychologist Kathleen (Alice Lowe – yes, the same one from Darkplace), who happens to be an old flame of his, Chris gets into some deep method acting in order to pose as a patient in order to allow him to get a peek at the files. However, there’s a twist: it turns out Fisher has not made much progress with Coulson, but has instead referred him to the enigmatic Morland (Geoffrey McGivern), a retired master psychiatrist with an intense interest in the occult who occasionally takes on a few patients now and then. So Chris must persist in the pretence in order to get access to Morland, as well as to maintain a curious friendship he’s struck up with Coulson himself, both of which might help him figure out what Coulson’s whole deal with.

Except shortly after Chris starts seeing Morland, he gets an urgent message from Coulson telling him that Morland is dangerous, and that Chris needs to see Coulson urgently so that they can discuss it. Coulson, however, is nowhere to be found – and Chris has found himself drawn into Morland’s peculiar mode of therapy.

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